Shenandoah Cassidy
Shenandoah Cassidy
Full Name Shenandoah Cassidy
Status Alive
Occupation Doctor/Technician
Affiliation Cybercom
Relationships Gabriel Black (Half-Son)
Nelson Cassidy (Son)
Season Debut 1
Portrayed by John Billingsley

Cassidy is a former Cybercom Technician who designed "The Chip"; a supercomputer microchip that gives normal humans access to a highly advanced computer in their head. Whoever has "The Chip" implanted in them has the ability to hack doors, view satellite imagery and access classified documents.

Cassidy made two chips. One of them is the original and is fully functioning inside Gabriel Black, his son but not biologically. The other is an upgraded version of "The Chip" and is supposedly faster, and more powerful than the original, however it is only a prototype.

The Chinese (MSS) kidnapped Cassidy and forced him to implant the prototype chip inside one of the Chinese Agents. He warned them that it was only a prototype and it may be faulty. "The Chip" only works on humans that have a specific gene.