Riley Neal
Riley Neal
Occupation Federal Agent
Affiliation Secret Service (Former)
Season Debut 1
Portrayed by Meghan Ory

 Riley Neal is a former Secret Service Agent. She was hand-picked by Cybercom's director to join a special taskforce. She is assigned to protect the chip that is inside Gabriel Vaughn. Riley has to protect him and the advanced technology from threats, this includes himself. Gabriel's reckless behaviour and disregard for protocol makes it hard to protect him, but she must do whatever it takes to keep him safe.


When Riley was 10 years old, her parents split up, her mother got herself a boyfriend however, he was abusive and hurt Riley and her Mom. After five years of abuse, Riley fought back, which resulted in her step-father's death. Riley was arrested for manslaughter but the judge and jury decided to seal the case file. She was never charged.