Gabriel Vaughn
Gabriel Black
Full Name Gabriel Vaughn
Status Alive
Occupation Cybercom Federal Agent
Delta Force Tier 1 (Former)
Affiliation Cybercom
Relationships Amelia Hayes (Wife, deceased)
Nelson Cassidy (Half-Brother)
Shenandoah Cassidy (Father)
Season Debut 1
Portrayed by Josh Holloway

Gabriel Vaughn is a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. With this implant, Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the worldwide information grid and have complete access to Internet, WiFi, telephone and satellite data. He can hack into any data center and access key intel in the fight to protect the United States from its enemies.


Gabriel is a former U.S. Army Delta Force operative. He has completed five tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and is a highly decorated soldier. Gabriel has a wife named Amelia, she is a C.I.A agent in deep cover in Pakistan. It was reported that she had turned to the other side during her deep cover. However after a operation in Pakistan, she went missing in action (M.I.A)

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